Here’s Why You Need to Add Jumping Exercises to Your Workout

5 min readJan 11, 2022

By Ana Snyder, M.S., Exercise Physiology; CPT, FNS

A Good Jumping Routine Help You Enhance Your Balance (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Do you remember what it was like to be a kid? I do. We would run and jump all day, to the point of Mom sometimes getting mad. And it wasn’t because we thought we needed exercise, sunlight, or fresh air — it was just good, old-fashioned fun. It’s time to roll back the clock and reclaim the joys of being a kid again. There is a lot of wisdom you can learn from watching children at play.

Jumping exercises aren’t just good for you, they’re easy to learn and quick to master. If you spent a lot of time jumping as a child, you’ve already got a lot of experience. That should make it easy to get back in the saddle. You just need to update your childhood skills for a larger, more mature body.

Part of why jumping is so perfect is because it does so much. A good jumping routine will exercise your joints, tendons, and muscles, and help you enhance your balance and coordination. Fun cardio workouts almost always include jumping of some kind, and it’s a great way to get healthy and stay in shape.

Today I’m going to explore how to recapture the joy of jumping and show how to make it an important part of your physical and mental health. Keep reading to find out more!

The Benefits of Jumping

Working out might sometimes feel like a chore, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When you start slow and focus on having fun, it’s easier to stay safe and motivated. Jumping is one of the easiest ways to get back into exercise if your habit has lapsed.

Jumping Exercises Burn a Lot Of Calories Fast (Image Source: Shutterstock)

One of the biggest benefits of jumping is that it’s addictive. The biggest threat to health today is a sedentary lifestyle. Jumping exercises burn a lot of calories really fast. And the fact that they are body-weight exercises means they’re ideal for building strength and increasing your muscle mass. Working these types of exercises into your routine is smart because you can do them no matter your skill level. They are a powerful addition for beginners and experts alike.

There are many benefits of jumping rope, which happens to be my go-to jumping exercise. You get a killer cardio workout and it improves your coordination really fast. You can even do it competitively with your friends. Children don’t have a monopoly on fun and games, so you can incorporate songs, chants, and even dancing to make your jump rope routine a celebration of happy living.

Jumping is central to high-intensity plyometric exercise routines, too. You can get a comprehensive workout in a very short period of time, which can also boost your mood and self-image. Exercise routines that are built around jumping require very little equipment and can be done when you don’t have a lot of space. You can even get a full-body workout if you set it up right.

Add Jumping Exercises to Your Workout Routine

Once you have committed to more jumping in your workout routine, the hard part will be selecting your favorite exercises. The list of jumping exercises is huge. I like to warm up with a jumping rope workout. It’s one of the easiest ways to do your cardio workout at home.

Even when I’m not feeling the motivation, it’s easy to grab that rope and start out slow. As you build out your jumping exercises, you can work your way up to a full-body workout, all with jumping. Squat jumps, plank jumps, and burpees work out lots of different muscle groups in ways that promote a sculpted, flattering look.

Jumping Rope is a Great Calorie Burner (Image Source: Shutterstock)

However, I should probably mention that adults who want to jump have to be more careful than children. Our bodies are larger, as are the consequences of doing it wrong. I use the Rogue Speed Jump Rope as part of my workout routine. Having the right equipment makes a big difference and can help you be safer and find more enjoyment when exercising.

It’s also important to start out slow. High-intensity exercises bring with them a higher risk of injury, so it’s important to follow instructions and be careful. Don’t overdo it. If you give in to temptation and work out too long, you could exhaust your motivation, too.

When you jump, your take-offs and landings should be predictable and fully controlled. If you overextend yourself, it can lead to falls, strains, and sprains. If you feel pain when jumping, stop immediately. It’s important to stay healthy and happy so you will be able to build a good exercise habit and stick to your routine. Don’t stay with the same exercise all the time. It’s important to vary your routine or you could risk repetitive stress injuries. By following these guidelines, it will be easier to get the most out of your workouts.

Even the Metaverse Wants You to Jump

The advent of computers and the digitization of the world have altered the fundamental fabric of society. The pervasive influence of technology has even penetrated the world of health and fitness. Metaverse exercise simulations have already been developed to help you stay fit and healthy. Many VR and Metaverse games incorporate movement. As the technology improves, the range of options will only increase. In an online world, you can be literally anything or anyone. The possibilities of what you can do is limited only by the human imagination. Augmenting your workout routine in the metaverse means new ways to make exercise fun and stimulating. Even yoga and meditation classes are available from virtual training platforms.

Fitness in The Metaverse │Meta

The hardest part of getting into shape is taking the first step, so why not make it fun? Grab a friend, pull up a video, or just jump in the privacy of your bedroom. If it’s been a while since you’ve jumped, start out with a few little hops until your inner child emerges

There are so many ways to make exercising fun. You can use video game consoles, instructional videos, or sign up for classes.

I suggest you take five minutes right now and do a little bit of light jumping and see how you feel. Commit to adding jumping exercises to your workout routine, and after 30 days you will definitely see results. I guarantee it.

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