World Smile Day Activities Guaranteed to Make You … Smile!

5 min readOct 7, 2021


By C.J. Hammond

A Smile is a Wonderful Sign of Compassion (Image Source: Shutterstock)

A simple smile can be the ultimate tool to guide you through the pools of negativity that life throws your way. Its importance can be gauged from the fact that the world actually celebrates a day with its name. With the increase in uncertainty around the world, we need to be more compassionate and hopeful. And a smile is a wonderful sign of compassion that not only brightens your mood but also has a significant impact on the people around you. World Smile Day is not just about you smiling — in fact, it is about spreading smiles through small or big acts of kindness. We have presented below a few World Smile Day activities that you should participate in.

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Is laughing good for you? This is a question you need to ask yourself now more than ever. And the answer is already known to all. No medicine can cure an ailing heart more than a warm smile. No doubt, the word “smile” is considered the most pleasing five-letter word. It increases your face value and keeps you alive at heart. It is said that death kills you once, but anxiety kills you at every moment. And laughter is the best medicine for the anxiety, fear, and stress caused by the never-ending problems of this world. Smiling creates an aura of positivity around you that eventually leads to real happiness.

Smile Even When Circumstances Were Not In Your Favor (Image Source: Shutterstock)

When you smile, your brain releases serotonin, an antidepressant hormone, an endorphin, and a mood-boosting hormone. These hormones work together to create a sense of calm and relax your body by lowering blood pressure. Strengthened immunity is another huge benefit of smiling. Believe me, your immune system will thank you in your seventies just because you decided to smile even when circumstances were not in your favor. Surely, a smile is not the final cure to all worries, but it can definitely be a good cheerleader during testing times.

Have you ever seen someone who is always smiling? Ever felt that the people who surround that person are always smiling too? It is because the benefits of a happy smile are not just limited to you. Smiling creates a ripple effect and envelopes those around you. It makes you appear attractive to others, and everyone will find ways to stay near you. People are always in search of those who can make them feel lighter amid a chaotic life. And a happy smile does just that.

World Smile Day Activities

creator of the smiley face. The aim of this day is nothing but to spread smiles through certain acts of kindness. There is no limit to the acts of positivity and compassion. It can be as small as buying a kid his/her favorite chocolate, a balloon, or candy. This day allows you to pause your otherwise busy life and do something to spread positivity and happiness. Some World Smile Day activities that are guaranteed to make you smile are listed below:

  • Since self-care comes first, you can buy yourself a gift. It could be an expensive chocolate bar you have been craving for weeks or a skincare package that you so wanted to try.
  • Spend a day with your parents and make memories.
  • Make your roommate or friend their favorite meal.
  • Give kids a smile day. Kids have very low standards for smiling, so it doesn’t take much to make them smile. Also, a smile day for kids will ultimately turn into a smile day for you.
  • Pay a dental care visit to your dentist and enhance the experience of the Smile Day. People love a clean teeth smile.
  • Distribute food to the poor. It is therapeutic and will earn you lots of blessings.
  • Attend a smile day event with your friends or family.
  • Visit an orphanage and spend time with the kids there. You can even take small presents for them.
  • Sponsor a child’s education or treatment.
  • Buy something for your maid or driver or your kids’ caretaker.
  • Lend an ear to someone you know is suffering from mental health issues.
Top 6 Emoji Craft Ideas That Will Put A Smile On Your Face — HOW TO DRAW

Another activity that you can perform is making smile-themed emoji crafts. Here is a short five-minute Youtube video that takes you through the process.

Operation Smile

It would be unfair to be talking about World Smile Day and not mention Operation Smile. Operation Smile is a charity organization operating in multiple countries. Founded by Dr. William Magee and his wife Kathy Magee in 1982, this nonprofit organization aids children and adults suffering from cleft lip or palate in availing surgeries and other expensive treatments for the condition. It thrives on donations from people all around the world.

Donate Now Or Volunteer To Support Operation Smile (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Operation smile is a perfect example of how little acts of kindness can go a long way. Every year, 1 in 1600 babies are born with a cleft lip or palate, and most of them can’t afford treatment that includes multiple surgeries and medications that often continue for years. Many of them keep on living with the defect and are often targeted by bullies. They can’t properly attend school and suffer from low self-esteem issues that gradually lead to mental health problems later in their adulthood.

On World Smile Day, don’t forget to make a difference in the life of these people as well. All it takes is donating a small amount of money to the team of Operation Smile, so they can get these people the right treatment. They have different ways through which you can donate, like donating a vehicle you own or choosing a gift package from their website. You can gift stocks and cryptocurrencies, sponsor a child’s treatment, and even participate in their volunteer program. I would suggest you go and donate now to support Operation Smile.

There are numerous NGOs all over the world that are waiting for your generosity to fill the lives of the needy and deserving people with smiles and laughter. These charity acts will not only bring sunshine to the lives of those in need, but also boost the empathetic side of your personality.


Smiling is an activity that each one of us needs to inculcate in our life. It creates hope, lifts mood, and increases lifespan. A smile is the most beautiful makeup one can wear. On this World Smile Day, spread laughter, hope, wisdom, and positivity. And yes! Don’t forget to smile in the mirror at the one that matters the most — yourself.

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