Work and Life Balance: How to Set Boundaries

Work and Life Balance: How to Set Boundaries (Image Source: Shutterstock)
How to make work-life balance work | Nigel Marsh | TED

What is Work-Life Balance?

Chances are, you have a job that is a mix of pleasant and unpleasant activities. Some jobs are more fun than others, but even the best jobs will have stressful aspects. In order to keep things running smoothly, you need to balance the pleasant and unpleasant activities. You also need to make time to recharge after difficult or draining tasks. If you don’t keep your work life balance in check, your performance will suffer and you’ll likely experience more stress and negative results.

You Need to Balance The Pleasant and Unpleasant Activities. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Creating a Healthier Work and Life Balance

When you feel like you need to make improvements, it’s important to find out where you stand. Ask yourself the following questions:

How many hours a week am I working?

If you are spending more time than expected at work, look for ways to cut back. Discuss this with your supervisor and coworkers so they can be aware of your situation. Learning how to improve posture can help you stay fresh even when you have to work late or put in overtime. Consider upgrading your equipment with the Dragonn kneeling chair. Ergonomic assists can help you prevent injury and stay healthy.

Learning How to Improve Posture Can Help You Stay Fresh (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Am I getting enough sleep, exercise, and proper nutrition?

Sometimes we forget to stay on top of our personal care. One unhealthy snack isn’t going to ruin your diet, but over time we can drift away from our goals. Stress can also detract from our quality of sleep, even if we are getting enough hours. Being mindful of these considerations is often enough to get you back on track.

Do you have clear goals at work and in your personal life?

Not only should you have goals, you should also regularly tune them up. If you’re not making enough progress, or if you’re meeting your goals quicker than you planned, it’s time for a new planning session. Organized Office Desk Ideas will help you stay on top of your goals and stretch your achievements to new heights.

It’s time to Set Clear Goals at Work and Life. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Do you have trouble saying no?

Setting strong boundaries is necessary to have a happy life. There will always be people and groups who will keep asking for more help until you say no. Practice saying no with people you trust and it will help you stand firm with work and other obligations.

Work-Life From Home

Use these working from home tips to help you figure out where you need to improve. A little bit of focus and some consistent effort can make a huge difference.

3 habits for better work-life balance | Thomas Frank



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