What Does It Mean To Be Intentional With People?

What Does It Mean To Be Intentional With People? (Image Source: Shutterstock)

What Does Intentionality Mean?

Put simply, intentionality means doing something with purpose, clarity, and consistency. Imagine a scenario where you’re hungry and wander to the kitchen to get something to eat. On autopilot, you might go for an extra doughnut or a bag of chips to satisfy your hunger.

  • Talk to them one-on-one
  • Have dealings with individuals, such as when collaborating at work
  • Talk about people to others
  • Foster relationships with others
  • Talk in groups
  • Make you more popular in the workplace
  • Help you foster friendships more easily
  • Make your significant other appreciate you more
  • And result in further benefits elsewhere

How Can I Be Intentional With Others?

Now that you know what intentionality is, let’s break down how you can be intentional with others in your everyday dealings and conversations.

Make Eye Contact

Firstly, you should always make eye contact when speaking to another person. Most people are used to eye contact; we’re somewhat hardwired for this behavior, as it indicates trust, seriousness, and attention.

Give Them Your Full Attention

Related to the above tip, give your conversational partner your full attention. You can extend this principle to group settings as well. For instance, if everyone in the group is taking turns to speak, give the current speaker your full attention rather than staring out the window or reading your phone when your least favorite person has the proverbial mic.

  • You’ll really absorb what they have to say
  • You won’t forget their ideas or contributions in the future
  • They’ll notice that you paid attention to them and will be inspired to do the same to you

Think of Others Before You Act

In a broader sense, being intentional with others means thinking of them before you speak or act. Remember, the pillar of intentionality is performing every action with full intent and clarity. You don’t let yourself run on autopilot or say something you don’t mean.

Stay Mindful as You Speak and Act

You should also remain mindful of how your actions and words affect others no matter where you are. To be intentional with people, be mindful when you:

  • Make a request of others
  • Accept or refuse requests from people
  • Perform an action that could affect other people

Spend Time with People You Want to Spend Time With

Another broad way you can be intentional with people means not wasting your time or spending time with people you don’t want to. It’s fine to be polite at social events, but you should never accept invitations you don’t desire or lead people on in social situations.

Avoid Lying or Avoiding the Truth

More than anything else, being intentional with people means avoiding lies or even small fibs. Lying is almost never a good thing, and all it does is make you seem less authentic and legitimate.

Intentionality Fuels Meaningful Relationships

At the end of the day, being intentional with people means taking responsibility for your actions and words. It’s a positive overall change to make to your life if you aren’t already practicing it. More importantly, it’ll result in major benefits for your personal and professional life over the years to come by fostering your social wellness.



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