Warm Up Exercises: Boost Energy and Prep Your Body

Warm Up Before a Workout (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Warm Up: Quick 5-Minute Stretches Before a Workout

You wouldn’t drive your car in the snow without warming it up first, at least if you cared about its long-term performance. I want you to treat your body with the same respect.

Quick Warm Up Routine for Before Stretching — Anna McNulty

How to Take Your Warm Up to the Next Level

1. Improve Tissue Quality

No matter how flexible a muscle is, if the tissue surrounding it is restricted, the muscle won’t operate how it is intended to. Self-myofascial release is like having your own personal massage therapist on speed dial. Using a foam roller prior to your training session can reduce tissue tension, break apart adhesions, and enhance muscle range of motion so that you get more out of each movement in your workout. I like the Rumble Roller, which comes in multiple sizes and “firmness” levels. Your tight, aching muscles will thank you.

RumbleRoller Available on Amazon

2. Warm Up Your Engine

Increasing your core body temperature prior to beginning your workout is important to both prevent injury and enhance your performance. If time is extremely short, you’d be better off cutting out the other components of your workout in favor of warming up your muscles. There are two main tools I tend to blend into this section of my warmup. First, jump ropes are extremely underutilized pieces of training equipment. They are awesome for coordination and train lower body reactive strength while engaging the upper body. With a bunch of potential variations in jumping style, you can always switch it up as well! I like to keep it simple with the Survival Cross Jump Rope.

Survival and Cross Jump Rope Available on Amazon
SKLZ Speed and Agility Ladder Available on Amazon



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