Turns Out Eating Bugs Are Good For You

Eating Bugs Are Good For You (Image Source: Shutterstock)
Bugs Are Rich in Protein and They’re Delicious (Image Source: Pixabay)

Do People Actually Eat Bugs?

Before you immediately say “ewwww” and shut your mind to the idea, I want you to hear me out. Bugs are the future. They are high in protein, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. According to The United Nations, by the year 2050 the world’s population will clock in at a whopping 9.7 billion people. In order to feed all of our new neighbors, we will have to double the amount of food that we are currently producing. Our current methods are pretty inefficient. With a shortage of land, we need to get creative in solving this problem. Scientists seem to think that turning to bugs is a viable option.

Over 2,000 Bugs You Can Eat

For one, there are currently over 2,000 types of edible insects including beetles, caterpillars, cicadas, and crickets which are currently leading the growing trend. That’s a lot of variety to appease a lot of different palates, and people aren’t passing them up. People eat bee larvae straight from the honeycomb in Vietnam. Dragonflies are a popular delicacy in China and Indonesia. in Africa, people compress midge flies into solid blocks and bake them into cakes.

Cricket Protein

Now I don’t expect you to go sprinting into your nearest forest to forage for bugs just yet, but I want you to give it a little thought. Some companies are already going the extra mile to make the bug to consumption process a smooth one. The company Exo makes a cricket flour-based protein bar that comes in a cocoa-nut flavor. The company Cowboy Cricket Farm even makes its signature chocolate chirp cookie (which currently has 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Get them while they’re hot).

Chirps Cricket Protein Powder — Future Concepts
CHIRPS Eat Bugs Vanilla Cricket Protein For Sale on Amazon

Turns Out Bugs Are Good For You

They live up to their tagline: “Turns Out Bugs Are Good For You.” Each serving packs around 20g of protein. They sold me. I’m not sure if I’ll go strictly insect-based any time soon, but it definitely was a viable option. My only knock on it was the cost. It’s a little pricey for the size that you get, but as this trend becomes more mainstream and less of a “side act,” this should change. It’s also not strictly cricket-based, as there is a blend of plant-based proteins in the mix as well, but that’s not the end of the world by any means.

Other Protein Powder Options

I understand jumping on trends early can be a little intimidating. If you would rather go the more traditional route, make sure you choose a protein powder with minimal ingredients that doesn’t sacrifice taste. I’m a huge fan of Naked Whey protein. It isn’t dressed up in additives and is made of only one ingredient.



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