Top Five Bodyweight Exercises for the Back to Try at Home

Try These Bodyweight Exercises at Home (Image Source: Unsplash)

No-Equipment Back Workout: The Benefits of Bodyweight Exercise

Bodyweight exercises require a lot of stability in your core. These types of exercises can quickly get your body into shape without the use of heavy weights or an expensive gym membership.

Back Exercises at Home

Exercises like push-ups, dips, and bodyweight squats are easy, and build a lot of functional strength. You can try these back exercises at home, or in almost any environment. Functional strength helps your body move easier, eliminates muscle imbalances, and can give you an aesthetically pleasing look.

10 Min Bodyweight Workout — Fraser Wilson

Lower-Back Exercises for Strength: A Powerful List of Ideas

Lower-back pain is very common in today’s world. You might have a painful back after sitting down for a long period of time, or working all day at a job where you do not move around a lot. It’s true: sitting is the new smoking. Consequently, a sedentary lifestyle contributes to lower- and mid-back pain by creating imbalances in the muscles and a weak core. This places extra pressure on your spine and can irritate the many nerves that run up and down your body.

1. Planks

Planks are a powerful bodyweight exercise that is simple yet effective. Simply lie on the floor and prop up your body with your elbows placed right under the shoulders. Next, walk your legs back so you are in a straight line. Hold the pose for 30–60 seconds (or as long as possible with correct form). Plank variations help craft a powerful core and will also make your back stronger by engaging many of the muscles on the lower part of your body.

Planking Is An a Very Effective Bodyweight Exercise (Image Source: Pexels)

2. Superman

The superman bodyweight exercise is an effective tool for strengthening the lower back and upper abs. With this exercise, lie down on the floor on your stomach and then lift your shoulders and legs so they arch. Once your hips and core only are on the floor, squeeze your lats and quads as you hold the position for as long as possible.

How to Do Superman Exercises — LIVESTRONG

3. Dolphin Kick

For the dolphin kick, find a bench where you can let your hip rest at the end. Place your feet on the ground and then raise your straight legs as far as they can go. Hold a static position at the top for a few seconds, then let your legs move back down to the floor. The dolphin kick engages the abdominals, glutes, hips, and spinal erectors in the back all at the same time. Aim for several reps and sets before resting for 30–60 seconds.

Dolphin Kicks — Sport Fitness Advisor

Upper- and Middle-Back Exercises for a Strong Upper Body

Don’t think you have to use heavy weights or a pull-up bar to develop a strong chest and powerful shoulder muscles. Bodyweight exercises, including variations on tried-and-true techniques like the push-up, can be put to good use to help you train and strengthen your upper back and body.

1. Scapula Push-Up

This push-up variation is specifically designed to target your traps and shoulder blades. The exercise is great for those looking for a triangle-shaped upper back and shoulder area. With the scapula push-up, get your body in the standard push-up position, with your hands just outside the width of your shoulder blades. Don’t bend your arms as you go down, but instead squeeze your shoulder blades together and then push them apart. The key here is a smooth motion. Make the squeeze and release slow, without any shoulder shrugs, to feel the effects of the exercise and strengthen your upper body. Increase reps as you get stronger and more confident with the technique.

Scapula Pushup — Andrew Sacks

2. Reverse Snow Angel

The reverse snow angel is a twist on what you might remember as a kid — lying on your back in the snow and moving your arms and legs to make a snow angel. For this exercise, which aids in strengthening the upper back, lie facedown on the floor and move your arms to your hips and back. This exercise also targets the traps and the inner lower back, and it is easily done without any equipment. Just be sure to find a comfortable surface to lie on before starting.

Reverse Snow Angels — Steve Sudell

Wellness Goes Far Beyond Bodyweight Exercises

Total-body wellness transcends bodyweight exercises and a strong back. Combining an exercise plan with a stretching routine and relaxation techniques like Bikram yoga goes a long way toward promoting mind-body wellness while keeping your muscles and joints strong and nimble for the next workout. Or, step it up with simple equipment like the Sanddune Stepper.



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