The Powerful Relationship Between Body Posture and Mood

The Powerful Relationship Between Body Posture and Mood (Image Source: Shutterstock)

What is Good Body Posture?

Most members of the animal kingdom walk around on four legs, and that makes a lot of sense. Moving on four legs makes you more stable and helps you get around faster. Some animals are so stable that they can even sleep standing up!

Good Posture Strengthen Your Mental And Emotional Health (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Benefits of Good Posture

The physical pains you feel are often related to some misalignment somewhere else in your body. Trigger points in your connective tissues can cause pain that radiates out and affects many parts that are otherwise healthy. It’s like when you snag a sweater — it pulls the threads not only where the snag is, but distantly in the fabric as well. Finding and resolving these trigger points can bring immense relief.

The benefits of good posture — Murat Dalkilinç ︱ TED-Ed

What is Self-Awareness

You can lift yourself out of the chronic moods keeping you down when you learn how to improve posture, and it may also help you recover from physical pain. To do this takes self-awareness. You need to be kind to yourself.

Your body language may shape who you are | TED

Learn How to Improve Posture

The pain and effects of bad posture are hard to calculate. Good posture improves your quality of life in every regard. A small improvement can have a very large impact on how you feel all day.



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