The Best 22 Self-Care Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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By Team 1AND1

Self-Care Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Self-care is incredibly important, both for you and your friends and family members. But unfortunately, it’s all too easy to forget to practice self-care, especially when we have to juggle tons of daily responsibilities, work duties, and much more!

There are better ways to remind your loved ones that they should practice self-care aside from sending them a text or wagging your finger at them when they work too hard, however. Indeed, you can send them some quality self-care gifts to nudge them in the right direction and remind them that you care about them.

Not sure where to start? Here are 22 great gift ideas you can use the next time you feel like sending a present to a loved one.

1. Habits Journal

Firstly, you can give a loved one a habits journal. A habits journal can be any journal you designate for outlining and repeating positive habits. For example, you can write down the following tasks in a journal:

  • Brush your teeth twice per day
  • Get at least 30 minutes of exercise each day
  • Remember to thank people for things they do
  • Be grateful for at least one thing every day

A habits journal may remind a loved one that they have a lot to be thankful for, plus give them a valuable tool they can use to improve their everyday well-being.

2. Bathtub Tray

Who doesn’t like a warm and relaxing bubble bath? But even the best bubble baths are boosted by cheese, a glass of wine, or a good book. Get your loved one a bathtub tray they can bring with them into their homemade spa, and they’ll have everything they need to kick back and relax on a Friday evening after they get home from work! There are lots of bathtub trays to choose from — consider purchasing one that has devices on the sides that allow your loved one to secure the trade to the bathtub. Then, they won’t have to clean up any annoying messes later down the road.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils can do wonders for relaxing the mind and body through aromatherapy. You can get a loved one an essential oil diffuser: one of the best relaxation gift ideas for stress relief. Essential oil diffusers use water to diffuse the fragrance of chosen essential oils into the environment. When placed in a bathroom, living room, or bedroom, essential oil diffusers can be the perfect gift. If your friend or family member doesn’t have any essential oils, purchase an essential oil diffuser with a starter kit of oils like peppermint, chamomile, and lavender so they can use it immediately without having to go shopping right off the bat.

4. Natural Light Alarm Clock

Waking up to an annoying electrical alarm clock is one of life’s least joyous occasions. But you can make the moment of awakening better for a loved one by giving them a natural light alarm clock. Such alarm clocks gradually brighten as the clock ticks down to alarm time. Plus, many of them sound their alarms with natural sounds such as birdsong. If you have a friend or family member who hates waking up for work, this could be one of the best self-care gift ideas, bar none!

5. Plush Bathroom Robe

Give your loved one a boost to their bath routine by purchasing a plush robe for them to wear around the house or while they wait for the tub to fill up. A plush bathroom robe is a comfort in and of itself, and may help your loved one pamper themselves. It’s perfect for both enjoying around the home and for taking with oneself to a vacation destination.

6. Scented Candles

Scented candles are absolute delights no matter where you place them, and they can encourage a soothing and relaxing environment. If you understand the types of scents your loved one enjoys, a scented candle or two may be the perfect gift — just place it into a gift box, and you’re set.

7. Reed Diffusers

Similarly, reed diffusers can fill your loved one’s home with a great fragrance without complaining about the smell of their kitchen. Reed diffusers are a little more subtle than scented candles, and they require less upkeep. All you have to do is place them and let them gradually add their scents to the air. However, make sure you know the fragrances your loved one likes with either of the above two gifts before purchasing.

8. Relaxing Tea

A cup of relaxing tea is the perfect way to unwind after a long day to alleviate stress. Consider giving your loved one a gift set of chamomile or sleepy time tea, either of which can soothe a sore throat, relax the muscles, and help them bring on the self-care vibes.

9. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are another one of the best gifts for a loved one in need of self-care. As with scented candles or reed diffusers, of course, make sure you know that they will like the bath bombs you have in mind before shipping a box to their front door.

9. Electric Toothbrush

Hygiene is a critical part of self-care, but many people neglect their oral hygiene since they don’t have a quality electric toothbrush. Electric toothbrushes are far superior to manual toothbrushes, no matter what type of toothpaste you use. To that end, give your loved one an electric toothbrush to support their dental self-care for years to come!

10. Sonic Skincare Device

Taking care of your skin is one of the best ways to practice holistic self-care and self-love, especially since caring for your skin can lead to more self-confidence! Aside from sending a loved one a cream, moisturizer, or serum, you may consider sending them a sonic skincare device. Check out the available sonic skincare devices on the market — one of these might be a great choice for a skincare fanatic in your life or for a loved one whose skin could use a little touching up from time to time.

11. Fitness Watch

A fitness watch may also be an excellent self-care gift idea for a loved one. These fitness watches do a wide range of things, like:

  • Track one’s heart rate
  • Track one’s sleep quality
  • Count one’s step
  • Provide important information about the day, like the weather, time, etc.

Fitness watches are super popular these days, particularly among younger people. With the right fitness watch, your loved one may be inspired to exercise more regularly, which is an important way to practice self-care.

12. Comfy Slippers

If your feet are comfy, the odds are the rest of your body will be comfy as well! Therefore, purchase a pair of comfortable slippers for the loved one in your life. Fluffy or super soft slippers are perfect for cold winter weather when you don’t want to slip on socks but also want to feel cozy and warm.

13. Facial Roller

Facial rollers are handheld tools with cylindrical ends made of stones like jade or marble. No matter the material, facial rollers are super comfortable because they massage the delicate and intricate muscles of the face, as well as perform some light exfoliation. Facial rollers are great self-care gift ideas for those who already practice skincare routines or for folks who smile a lot. After all, all those smiles can cause muscle cramps to crop up faster than you think!

14. Neck or Back Massager

The best self-care gift ideas are often those that provide physical comfort. That’s why you should consider a neck or back massager for a loved one, especially someone who works hard all day long.

Neck and back massagers often provide soothing heat and deep tissue comfort. You can find them as massage pillows, hand rollers like the facial rollers mentioned above, and even dedicated massage devices for one’s feet or hands. Our advice? Ask yourself what part of your loved one’s body might need to be massaged the most, then get them a massager device that targets that area specifically. The results will be more dramatic and noticeable. Either way, your loved one will certainly thank you for giving them the tools they need to practice good self-care!

15. Meditation Class

Meditation is a fantastic way to practice self-care no matter your age, activity level, or interests. At the same time, however, meditation can be tough to get into if you aren’t inherently interested in it. If you have a loved one who’s a beginner to meditation, or if they’ve never tried it before, consider gifting them a meditation class. Pick either an online or in-person class, depending on what you know about their personality. Then they can attend the meditation class when they feel up to it.

Who knows? Maybe they’ll enjoy their experience so much they sign up for another meditation class, and it becomes a staple part of their self-care wellness routine.

16. Yoga Mat

Have a friend or family member who loves to begin or end their day with a yoga session? Get them a high-quality, comfortable yoga mat. The quality of one’s yoga mat directly correlates to the quality of their yoga session. A good yoga mat should be comfortable and durable so that it doesn’t wear down or fray over time. This is a great self-care gift idea since it’s technically a luxury item that even yoga fanatics may not think to purchase for themselves.

17. White Noise Machine

A white noise machine fills the background silence with a pleasant home, the sound of water trickling, bugs, birdsong, or other pleasant noises that our brains are evolutionarily wired to find relaxing. White noise machines are great for going to sleep at the end of a long day or creating a calm environment. In either case, this is a top self-care gift idea for worriers in your life, plus a good tool for a loved one whom you want to take up meditation to improve their self-care.

18. Affirmation Cards

While they might seem silly, affirmation cards are important tools to practice mental health self-care. You can give these to a friend or family member who is feeling down or needs to feel better about themselves. Just reading one affirmation card today is sometimes enough to make a major difference in self-esteem and self-confidence! Plus, reading and using affirmations cards typically becomes easier if you purchase a card set that’s humorous (and not too serious).

19. Sleep Supplement

Getting enough sleep is crucial for overall mental and physical health. If your friend or family member is trying to practice self-care but finds it tough to get enough shut-eye, purchase a healthy and organic sleep supplement to help them get enough winks.

20. Audiobook Subscription

An audiobook subscription s a great self-care gift idea for a loved one because audiobooks are phenomenal media tools for relaxing at the end of the day, entertaining oneself while on a long trip, and for enjoying some of the best stories out there. Audiobooks are comparable to podcasts because they allow people to multitask while still enjoying the commentary or stories of others. If you have a loved one who is an avid reader, get them a subscription and see if they like it.

21. Gym Water Bottle

Going to the gym and getting active is a great way to practice self-care, but your loved ones can only enjoy their gym sessions if they have adequate hydration. A gym water bottle is an ideal self-care gift, particularly if you purchase a sturdy water bottle made of titanium or some other durable material. Make sure the gym water bottle can be washed in the dishwasher for the best results.

22. A Friendly Visit!

Lastly, nothing is a better self-care gift idea than a friendly visit from you! Sometimes, all that we need to feel our best is some attention from our loved ones. Take some time to visit your friends and family members now and again, both during the week and on the weekend.


All in all, the right self-care gift ideas can help you show a loved one that you’re thinking about them and set them on the path to better self-care each and every day. Consider combining a few of these gift ideas into a dedicated care package for a college student, parent, or hard-working spouse today.

Need to practice self-care for yourself? In that case, 1AND1 can help. Our detailed wellness resources, meditation tutorials, and other resources can provide you with all the support you need — we have you covered!


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