Sugar Detox: Will it Help Your Skin to Reduce Sugar Intake?

Will it Help Your Skin to Reduce Sugar Intake? (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Refined Sugar vs. Fruit Sugar

I’d like to make it very clear: I am not talking about sugar from fruit. I’m talking white, refined sugars found in breads, baked goods, frozen desserts, soda, candy, protein bars, salad dressing, condiments, and so much more. Start reading labels, and they will tell you exactly where this sugar is hidden.

Refined Sugar Is Highly Inflammatory To Our Bodies. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

How to Detox From Sugar

First things first, start figuring out where this sugar is located and what it looks like on a nutrition label. Below is a list of added sugars that are NOT found naturally. If you see them on the ingredients list, it means the food company adds sugar to make it taste better.

The First Step Towards Sugar Detox

So you first step to reducing your added sugar intake is to start reading labels. Then, try to stay within those parameters listed above.

Reduce Your Sugar Intake — The Whole Happy Life

Why You Need To Reduce Sugar Intake

  1. Quitting sugar can reduce acne: Acne is mostly hormonal, assuming you cleanse and exfoliate your face properly. But when we eat refined white sugar, it spikes our insulin levels which also raises the inflammation in the body. The inflammation is then translated to our skin and leads to all forms of acne.
  2. Quitting sugar may slow the aging process: Most people who get rid of refined white sugars within weeks see a difference in the appearance of their skin. Without getting too science-y, sugar reacts with certain proteins in our body in a negative way. When we remove it, it can make our collagen and elastin work they way it’s supposed to — keeping our skin tight, and resilient.
  3. Quitting sugar can also help psoriasis: This goes back to the inflammation and insulin levels. Sugar has actually been identified as a cause of psoriasis because of its inflammatory effects on our gut. Flare-ups are likely to become less severe and less frequent as you cut sugar from your diet.



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