National Handwashing Awareness Week: COVID Spread And Hand Washing

Wash Your Hands and Save The World (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The Importance of Handwashing

Your hands touch a lot of things on a daily basis. Table tops, pens, food, keyboards, cupboards, door knobs, books, taps — the list is seemingly endless. And unfortunately, more than a few not-so-friendly microscopic organisms thrive on these surfaces. When you don’t wash your hands frequently, you might end up ingesting these microbes, or giving them a free ride to infect open wounds, which is why reminders like National Handwashing Awareness Week must be taken seriously. Once they enter your body, the damage they cause can be irreversible. But wait, the worst is yet to come. Not only can they harm you, but they can also travel from you to other people. So proper handwashing can save not just you, but those around you as well from some serious diseases.

The Importance of Handwashing | ViewMedica

How To Wash Your Hands Properly

Now that you know why proper handwashing is important, it’s time to learn how to do it. While sanitizers help, they are not enough. Plus, they give you dry itchy hands which can make you extremely uncomfortable. So what you truly need is soap and some water.

Wash Your Hands Properly (Image Source: Shutterstock)
  1. Open the tap and wet your hands under the running water. Make sure the water is clean. If it’s discoloured, then wait a few seconds, let the tap run until the water becomes clear. Temperature doesn’t matter.
  2. Apply soap and lather your hands by rubbing them together. You can pick any kind of soap you like, whether it’s foam, liquid, or bar. It doesn’t have to be an antibiotic, because all soaps work well.
  3. Make sure to spread the soap in between your fingers and under your nails. Keep rubbing your hands for 20 seconds. Hum your favorite tune or sing “happy birthday” to yourself twice.
  4. Rinse your hands under clean running water.
  5. Dry your hands with a clean towel. If you’re in a public washroom, don’t touch the faucet right after washing your hands. Use a paper towel to turn it off and to turn the doorknob for added safety.
WHO: How to Handwash? With Soap and Water | World Health Organization

National Handwashing Awareness Week: How You Can Help

Global Handwashing Day is celebrated on October 15th and the National Handwashing Awareness Week starts on December 6th and ends on December 12th. These are two obvious opportunities for you to spread awareness about the importance of handwashing. You can come up with creative ways to do this or stick with the traditional campaigns and reminders.

Maintain Good Hygiene — Teach Your Kids Too (Image Source: Shutterstock)


The importance of handwashing is highlighted every year through the National Handwashing Awareness Week. And such awareness campaigns play a huge role in decreasing diseases and promoting healthy habits. Proper handwashing can help keep life-threatening diseases such as pneumonia and diarrhea at bay. It’s crucial for people of all ages, especially kids who are magnets for germs. So it won’t hurt to sing “happy birthday” to yourself and cleanse your hands of potential pathogens a few times a day. It’ll be worth it.



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