Lululemon Speed Up Tight Leggings For Yoga and Running

Choose the Right Type of Gym Leggings (Image Source: Shutterstock)

How to Choose The Right Gym Leggings

While these are my favorite workout leggings of all time, Lululemon designed them as fitness clothing, not leisurewear. I am quick to take them off, shower, and put something else on that isn’t compressive at all (like the Lululemon Align Pants). I am 5’10, so the longer the legging, the better off it is for me. But for more shorter-fit gals out there, these will be long on you.

Lululemon Collection Try-On — Molly J Curley

Squat-Proof and Quick-Drying Workout Leggings

My go-to, without-a-doubt, squat-tested and approved workout leggings for women are the Speed It Up Tights from Lululemon. They’re made of a fabric called Luxtreme. It is a very smooth, compressive, and quick-drying fabric for the most support during your sweatiest of workout sessions.

The Bottom Line on Lululemon Speed Up Tight Leggings

Lululemon Speed UP Tight 28" For Sale on Amazon



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