How to Stop Binge Eating at Night

How to Stop Binge Eating at Night (Image Source: Shutterstock)

You’re Not Eating Enough Throughout The Day

If you do not meet your body’s nutrient needs throughout the day, it will respond by urging you to eat in the evening. This is its strategy for meeting its physiological needs.

Not Eating Enough (Image Source: Shutterstock)

You Are Following Strict Food Rules

The physical and psychological restrictions of strict eating rules will make you think more about food throughout the day. It’s not hard to start obsessing about the floods that you can’t have. However, that means that, in the evening, when you’re tired and hungry, you give in to the temptation.

Emotional Eating

If you don’t look after your emotional, physical, and physiological needs, you may turn to emotional eating in order to fill the void and gain some form of pleasure.

How to Stop Binge Eating at Night ︱ 1AND1Life

The Problem With Evening Binge Eating

In the evenings, many of us end up in front of the TV or computer screens, periodically piling food into our mouths. Then, when we go to sleep, all of that unused fuel has nowhere to go — except, of course, onto our hips and thighs.

Evening Binge Eating (Image Source: Shutterstock)

How to Stop Binge Eating at Night

Take a Post-Dinner Evening Walk

Not only will you be burning calories with a 30-minute evening stroll, but you will also be providing yourself with that vital — but oh so rare — daily requirement: time out. Try it once, and you’ll see just how much better you’ll feel than if you’d simply blobbed out on the couch. After a long, hard day, an evening walk also allows you to clear your mind. Even better, it will aid you in getting a good night’s sleep, which is another vital factor in attaining optimum wellness.

  • Wait for a half-hour after eating before setting out
  • Set your watch for 30 minutes
  • Walk briskly
  • Enjoy the journey
Post-Dinner Evening Walk (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Get Active After Dinner

Plan activities for after your post-dinner walk that get you away from the TV or any other place where you have habitually been engaging in evening snacking. Here are five suggestions:

  1. Have a bubble bath
  2. Play a board game with your loved ones
  3. Read a book
  4. Do some online study (learn a new language, skill, or trade)
  5. Pull out the sewing machine and get creative

Get Your Calories in Earlier

Make sure that you are getting the proper nutrients earlier in the day. Plan to eat every three waking hours, starting with breakfast, then mid-morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and dinner. If you don’t skip meals, you won’t get cravings as the evening progresses. Keep in mind that each of your three main meals should have roughly the same amount of calories.

Wind Back Your Dinner Time

Of course, we all have different situations and schedules. If humanly possible, though, try to send dinnertime forward, so you have at least two and a half hours of breathing space from the time you swallow that last morsel until the time you hit the sack. That will probably put your last meal between 5:30 and 6:30 pm–depending on when you go to bed.

Close Down the Kitchen

Create a CLOSED sign and place it on the kitchen counter after dinner. Turn off the lights and shut it down. Recruit your family members as your support system to avoid emotional eating. If they aren’t prepared to join in your no-eating-after-dinner habit (shame on them!), ask them nicely not to eat around you.

Choose Healthy Evening Snacks

Evening snacking usually consists of empty calories. However, there are such things as good evening snack options. It all comes down to being prepared. Even though you should try to avoid reaching for an evening snack, it’s important to know that, if you do, you’ve got options available that won’t blow your day of clean eating out of the water.

Evening snacking usually consists of empty calories. (Image Source: Shutterstock)


Eating in the evening can be a pleasurable and healthy experience. But it can, all too easily, deteriorate into unhealthy binge eating. Follow our proven tips to keep your evenings binge-food free.



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