How To Learn Acceptance and Letting Go

Start With Self-Compassion

When you find yourself unequipped to deal with certain situations, try not to get upset. Remember that this is completely normal. Nobody knows everything. Treat yourself as a student learning something new and not a robot who’s been programmed to make only the right moves. Only once you learn acceptance and let go of your grudges against yourself can you truly grow as a person. Your ignorance is not always your own choice. Some experiences come with age and time. Practice self-forgiveness and don’t scold yourself for not knowing in the past what you know now. Negative self-talk won’t change the past. It will destroy your present and infect your future with self-esteem-related problems.

Negative self-talk won’t change the past. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Talk to Someone

Talking to someone else will make it easier for you to practice self-compassion. Nothing opens your eyes and gives you a new perspective better than telling someone about your problem and seeing it from their side. There’s a reason why so many forms of talk therapy exist. Suppressing your stress can only work for a limited time. It can manifest in various ways: irritation, sudden outbursts, numbness, muscle tension, headaches, and fatigue. Emotional baggage can cloud your judgement and make it harder to take practical action. Venting your feelings gives you more headspace to figure out a solution and look at the problem rationally. You can’t learn acceptance and letting go if you don’t address how holding on is effecting you.

Venting your feelings gives you more headspace (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Gratefulness Can Help You Accept and Let Go

Getting too lost in your problems can damage your mental health. If you limit your thoughts to everything that’s wrong in your life, you’ll miss out on everything that’s right. You can’t learn how to practice self-love if you only think about your flaws. One way to approach this is through gratitude. Gratefulness will not fix your problems, but it will improve your relationship with them. You won’t be so concentrated on your life and it’s big and small miseries that you miss the golden opportunities that come your way. It will open your eyes to the hundreds of other doors still open to you.

The Unstoppable Power of Letting Go | Jill Sherer Murray | TEDxWilmingtonWomen

Conclusions on Acceptance and Letting Go

You can learn acceptance and how to let go of things that are not in your control by practicing self-compassion, talking to someone (a professional or a friend), and spending some time being grateful every day. You can get over things by understanding their reality and your reaction to it, and you can free yourself of pent-up emotions and what-ifs through talking. Incorporate a little bit of optimism in your routine by being grateful for everything that you have learned and endured so far. Incorporating acceptance and letting go into your self-care will enhance the wellness of both your mind and your body.



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