How To Invest in Yourself & Be Budget-Friendly

How To Invest in Yourself (Image Source: Shutterstock)

What Is the Importance of Investing in Yourself?

Investing in yourself is important, but why? Put simply, because you are the most valuable asset you have. Forget money or possessions: if you have the right skills and determination, you can do anything you set your mind to.

How Can You Invest in Yourself?

Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to set yourself up for success in the future. Here are a few approaches you can take.

Go Back to School

We know school is more expensive than ever, and many Millennials and Gen Z’ers have crippling educational debt. Education doesn’t have to be expensive if you take advantage of a few innovative strategies, and it’s one of the best investments to make.

Attend Interesting Seminars

That said, school isn’t the only place you can invest in yourself professionally. If you’re interested in your professional field or want to switch fields entirely, seminars might have the contacts and information you need to thrive.

  • Meet interesting people
  • Sign up for financial aid
  • Get new job opportunities
  • Learn more about job fields

Start a Savings Account

Investing in yourself means more than just investing in education. It also means investing in yourself literally (i.e., financially) and taking charge of your personal finances.

  • Can get you out of a major financial pinch if necessary
  • Can act as secondary retirement accounts if you are fortunate
  • Earn money for you through interest; the exact amount depends on your bank or credit union
  • Can help you save money to achieve long-term financial goals

Reduce Credit Card Debt

You can similarly financially invest in yourself by reducing — and hopefully eventually eliminating — your credit card debt. Our society has tricked lots of people into thinking credit card debt is a necessity. But it’s often not.

Practice Self-Care Strategies

Want to invest in yourself in a more personal way? Start practicing self-care strategies like:

  • Taking some time for recreation every day, if possible. Recreation can mean taking a refreshing walk, exercising, watching a movie with friends, or reading a favorite book.
  • Eating healthily, even if you start slow. You are what you eat, and eating healthily will improve your mood and energy levels over time.
  • Exercising regularly. Even 30 minutes of light cardio exercise does wonders for your mental and physical health.
  • Spending time with people who love you and appreciate you, even if it’s just a phone call or Facetime session.
  • Maintain a healthy work-life balance to ensure you still have time to do the things you enjoy.

Reduce or Eliminate Social Media Use

While it has its technological benefits, social media is very toxic to mental health for lots of people. Do yourself a favor and drastically reduce how much time you spend on social media. If you feel up to it, try to eliminate its use entirely, except perhaps to get in contact with family members or friends across the country.

Listen to Audiobooks and Podcasts

Want to enjoy some entertainment that isn’t watching TV or playing a videogame? Try audiobooks and podcasts! These novel forms of entertainment come in all types and lengths. You can find audiobooks and podcasts on true crime, fiction novels, and political topics.

  • Allow you to learn skills on the go, or improve your current skill set.
  • Expose you to new ideas that can contribute to a better life.
  • Entertain you while working or exercising.

Invest in Yourself Today

At the end of the day, investing in yourself is the best personal and professional decision you can make. No matter what form your investment takes, be it financial, recreational, or health-focused, investing in yourself will yield positive dividends in the future and help you enjoy life to the fullest.



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