How To Get Back Into Reading After a Long Break

How To Get Back Into Reading After a Long Break (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Why Should I Get Back Into Reading?

Simply put, because it’s good for you!

Join the Local Library

The first way to get back into reading after a long break is to join your local library. Libraries are treasure troves of fiction and nonfiction books. Odds are you’ll find something you want to read at the library, no matter your personal preferences.

Only Read What You Want

No matter what you do, only read what seems intriguing to you rather than picking up a classic like The Old Man and the Sea or Great Expectations. Here’s the thing: classics are classics for a reason. But many of the classic novels in American or international literature circles are classic only because book-lovers took the time to dive deep into their details and the value of their prose. If you are trying to get back into reading, you should read books you feel motivated to scan through in the first place. Whether that’s an adventure novel, a romance book, or something else entirely, you won’t build up a good reading habit if reading feels like a chore.

Start Small

Try not to read a massive tome when trying to get back into reading. It’s a much better idea to start small with more manageable books of 70,000 to 80,000 words or less.

Give Audiobooks a Try!

But what if reading doesn’t seem to stick, even though you enjoy the stories? In that case, you might try audiobooks. Audiobooks are more affordable than ever, and odds are you can find any popular fiction or nonfiction book on the market with an audible version. Audiobooks are awesome for enjoying while taking long road trips or multitasking; you can use them the same way you enjoy podcasts while tackling chores or doing work.

Join Social Media Book Groups

Lots of people enjoy their hobbies for the social element. If you want to discuss books with others, join some book-focused social media groups or book clubs. Just note that some book clubs require all the members to read the same book simultaneously so everyone can discuss the text together. Regardless, social media book groups and clubs can be great ways to connect with other book lovers and give yourself some extra enjoyment every time you finish a novel.

Set Aside “No Phone” Time

One of the best ways to build a habit is to partition time for you to focus on it. For many of us, that means setting aside a bit of “no phone” time each day, whether right after you wake up, before you go to bed, or sometime in between.

Read at the Same Time Each Day

Another great way to get back into reading after a long break is to set aside some time each day to do that reading. For example, if you like to decompress and relax after work each night, give yourself a one-hour block of time in the evening to read whatever book you have started.

Set a Reading Goal for Each Session

Set a reading goal for each reading session you undertake. For most of us, that means promising to read a single chapter of a fiction novel or nonfiction book. If you’re a little more ambitious, you can opt to read two chapters per reading session.

You’re Ready To Get Back Into Reading

Overall, there are many great ways to get back into reading after a long break. Building this positive habit will do wonders for your mental health and help you regain the wonder you once knew when reading fiction books and immersing yourself in novels as a child.



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