How to Export Your Fitbit Data to Excel and Nail Your Fitness Goals

Export Your Fitbit Data to Excel and Nail Your Fitness Goals (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Export Fitbit Data to Improve Sleep Habits

Fitbit released what could be the biggest dataset of its kind to further understand how Americans sleep. It looked at six billion nights of sleep data to reveal just how well users sleep in America. You can probably guess their conclusion: their analysis concluded we’re not getting enough sleep.

How to Use Your Google Fit Data

Whether you choose the Apple Watch or Fitbit, or the Wear smartwatch (formerly Android Wear), you’ve selected a good product — but your choice depends on what you hope to get out of this technology. Another way to stay on top of your fitness goals is to join the Google Fit ecosystem, pairing your smartphone or Wear smartwatch with Google Fit.

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Wellness Starts Today

Like all data, your fitness data is valuable. After you export your Fitbit data, you can use it to analyze your health and fitness in a way that can transform your overall well-being. If you can see that your sleep is inconsistent, you have the opportunity to do something about it. By making full use of fitness tracking technology like Fitbit or Google Fit, you have the ability to progress and meet your goals like never before.

Try Other Smart Devices

If you like the Fitbit, then you’ll love a smart scale. Try the FitTrack Dara scale or the Renpho scale. You can measure your weight and BMI, and you can track results on an app. On the other hand, if you’re not sold on the Fitbit, then have a look at other fitness trackers, like the Whoop Strap.



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