How The Body is a Kinetic Chain, Connected All Together

2 min readOct 27, 2021

By Dr. Patrick Jean-Pierre MD

The body is a Kinetic Chain, and All Components are Connected (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Patients frequently ask me if their current sports injury is connected to another body part they may have injured in the past. It’s a good question. There is a very strong connection between an injury or deficiency in one body part that leads to an injury in another. This interconnective relationship between body parts is called a kinetic chain.

Posture and the Kinetic Chain: Lisa Tamati

The Mechanics of a Kinetic Chain

The body is a kinetic chain, and all components are connected. All too often I see patients who, while overcoming a left ankle sprain, deal with a right hamstring injury and vice versa. Therefore, I often rehabilitate a patient’s sports injuries by figuring out their body’s deficiencies. Then, I can rehab a specific injury to prevent more from occurring. In addition, this rehabilitation includes simple things like improving your posture.

How Stephen Curry Saved His Ankles — MJ2KALLDAY

The article I frequently refer my patients to best explain this is from ESPN, on Steph Curry. The now three-time NBA champion and two time NBA MVP had a lot of issues with his ankles early in his career. Fortunately, he was able to figure out his ankle issues were related to other muscular imbalances. After that, he continued his rehabilitation routine and got back on track with his career. So, how did he do it? Here’s a short clip:

To read the ESPN article, click here.

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