How Can We Better Consider Dental Care for Kids?

How Can We Better Consider Dental Care for Kids? (Image Sources: Shutterstock)

Give Kids a Smile Day

Since 2002, the Give Kids a Smile (GKAS) program has been providing free oral health care to underprivileged children throughout the United States. This service is offered on the first Friday and Saturday of February each year. It sees around 6,500 dentists and approximately 30,000 dental team members volunteer at local Give Kids a Smile events across the country. Over the two days, more than 300,000 children receive free oral health education, screening, and preventative and restorative treatment.

Healthy, Clean Teeth Are an Important Part of Children’s Health. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Dental Care for Kids

Guiding our children to develop a good teeth brushing routine is the most important way for parents to encourage their kids’ dental care. You should buy a fluoride toothpaste as it will help prevent tooth decay. Choose a children’s brand of toothpaste that contains between 1,350 ppm and 1,500 ppm of fluoride. You should only put a dab of toothpaste on the brush.

Guiding Our Children to Develop a Good Teeth. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Teaching Your Child to Brush Their Teeth

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, forty-two percent of children in America between the ages of two and eleven have some form of tooth decay. By teaching your child to develop a brushing habit early on, you can lessen the likelihood of your child developing tooth decay. Here is a simple guide to teaching your child to brush:

Simple Guide to Teaching Your Child to Brush (Image Source: Shutterstock)
  • Hold the brush against the gumline at a forty-five-degree angle.
  • Brush each tooth separately.
  • Begin at the base of the tooth and brush up to the chewing surface.
  • Use a short, sweeping action.
  • Finish by brushing the roof of the mouth and the tongue, moving from back to front.

Teaching Your Child to Floss Their Teeth

Teeth flossing is another aspect of dental cleaning. Flossing removes food particles and bacterial plaque that has settled between the teeth. Children should begin flossing when the surfaces of their teeth get closer together. Flossing should take place once per day.

Flossing technique: toddler & child │Dr. Alida Andersen

How to Choose Your Child’s First Toothbrush

Selecting your child’s first toothbrush is an important part of getting them excited about developing their brushing habit. Look for a child-sized brush that has soft bristles. Let your child pick their own toothbrush, showing them a selection of fun and exciting brushes. Try to find a brush that is themed in line with your child’s favorite movie or computer game character.


As a parent, you have the privilege and responsibility of helping your child develop healthy oral care habits. Give Kids a Smile Day, taking place on the first Friday and Saturday of February, is a fantastic boost in that regard. Be sure to find a GKAS event in your area and take your kid along for a free check-up.



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