How AI Fitness Technology Will Take Your Health to The Next Level

AI Is Booming And Has Made Itself Indispensable To The Fitness Industry (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

No matter how you feel about AI or how disruptive it can be to several industries, you’ve got to admit: we’ve come along way. Amazon basically knows what you’re going to buy next and Netflix knows how to keep you hooked on the couch for another related show. So, what does this mean for the fitness-lovers out there? There’s already a lot of technology in the fitness industry, but as technology becomes more human and personalized, it can have a greater impact.

AI, Big Data and the Fitness Industry

When you bring big data into the AI mix, you get a powerful combination that could have a huge effect on the fitness industry. Big data is the massive collection of data that we all contribute to daily. DOMO suggests that by 2020, we will each generate 1.7 MB of data every second. Big data helps entities gain a better understanding of consumer behaviors and preferences. The world is becoming data-driven, which means data is extremely valuable.

How AI Fitness Technology Can Improve Your Health and Fitness

With AI-powered fitness apps, connected devices and wearables, and big data, your health and fitness are already benefiting from advances in technology. AI fitness technology goes beyond just creating a workout based on your height, build and goals; it gives you personal recommendations that can help you make healthy lifestyle changes. Here’s how AI is changing fitness.

Help You Get Fitter, Stronger, and Faster

With AI already interpreting your fitness metrics through your wearables, soon it’ll be able to deliver suggestions that are completely tailored to your body.

Kaia Perfect Squat Challenge — Kaia Health

A More Personalized Experience

Innovation in AI means more and more personalization. The one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for nutrition or fitness. Everyone is different, and the introduction of AI means that health advice will just become even more tailored, helping you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Tonal: An Entire Gym Mounted On Your Wall — CNET

Set Useful and Realistic Fitness Goals

Setting useful and realistic goals is what we all crave from our fitness tech. Achievable goals based solely on your individual fitness levels and body metrics is crucial to progressing and staying motivated. With AI and increased access to data, wearables will be able to inform users how fit they are compared to the population, and provide weekly and daily goals that are suited to the individual. Whether that’s exercise, water intake, or nutritional goals, it’s all completely personalized.

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Prevent Injury

Injuries are a part of life and a risk for anyone who exercises or plays sports. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro athlete or yoga addict; one wrong unfortunate move can result in injury. There are wearables from Garmin, Polar, and Sunnto that give suggested recovery times, but they aren’t accurate down to your biology and metrics. The Garmin Forerunner 935, for example, tells its users when to rest and for how long.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence, Wearables and Fitness Data

It seems like we’re just scratching the surface. But, this tech goes further than just fitness. Right now we can track pulse, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. However, we still need a doctor to interpret those metrics for us. AI could soon help out medical professionals by analyzing data to give the ideal recommendations for every person.

Have You Incorporated Fitness Technology Into Your Lifestyle?

Big data fuels AI and makes it possible for machine learning tools to quickly adapt and learn. Big data is the future across multiple industries, and fitness data is an integral part of that picture. AI allows us to make use of these massive datasets in a way that can improve your fitness, prevent injury and encourage general wellbeing. Are you ready?



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