Healthy Eating: 5 Nutrition Tips To Improve Your Diet

Nutrition Tips Can Help Make Eating Healthy Fun (Image Source: Shutterstock)
Nutrition Tips: Healthy Eating Hacks — Pick Up Limes

Nutrition Tips: 5 Ways to Boost Your Health in the Real-World

1. Skip The Calorie Counting

Calorie and macro counting can be a messy science. It is well-intentioned, but can be highly inaccurate at times — and quite frankly, it just isn’t the best method for everyone. With that being said, we all know that it is essential to get in high-quality proteins, fat, and carbohydrates to not only fuel your wellness journey but also to keep the well-oiled machine that is your body moving efficiently. A convenient alternative is to use something we all have readily available: our hands.

2. Become A Savvy Shopper

When it comes to eating food, it is extremely important to prioritize nutrients. Energy balance is important when it comes to gaining or losing weight, but the quality of our food truly makes a difference in our ability to function both mentally and physically on a daily basis. As we all know, eating well can come with a steep price tag (Who determined it was okay to charge $16 for a smoothie!?). It doesn’t have to be this way if you get savvy and search for cost-efficient options to eat better.

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3. Always Go For The 2 for 1

Time is a limited resource, so whenever you can be more efficient, go for it. A great nutrition tip is to prioritize your foods. Aim for those that will keep for a day or 2 but not longer. I want you eating whole, nutrient-rich food, but I don’t want you stressing out in order to do so. Whenever you can, try and double up. If you are whisking up eggs for a scramble on Monday, save half and cover it up to use for an omelet on Wednesday. If you are chopping up kale for a salad, package some of it to toss into that same Wednesday morning omelet. Planning is key.

4. Make It Easy To Do “Right”

There’s no place for morality when it comes to food. Nothing is good or bad. Everything has a place in a well-balanced diet, but the choices you make do bring you either closer to achieving your goals or further away. When it comes to making more of the “right” choices, your environment is huge. Make it easy for yourself by setting yourself up for success.

5. Make Meal Improvement A Game

These nutrition tips can help make eating healthy fun. It isn’t an all-or-nothing type of ordeal. It’s actually a continuum. Remember this and be kind to yourself. As opposed to putting immense pressure on yourself, ask yourself this one question: “How can I make this meal a little healthier?”.

Make Meal Improvement a Game (Image Credit: Unsplash)

Follow These Nutrition Tips for a New You

I hope you enjoyed this list of nutrition tips. I apply them to my life every day, and I love the results. Give them a try!



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