Five Outdoor Team-Building Activities to Boost Morale

Five Outdoor Team-Building Activities to Boost Morale (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The Importance of Rapport in the Outdoors

In the corporate world, it can be easy to fall into a rut where you feel uninspired and don’t communicate well. You can use team-building exercises to pop your people out of these ruts. Do this, and create a bond that allows for more communication and collaboration. Going outside for fresh air and more organic views can help.

Idea #1: A 5k Run or Group Jog

The best team-building exercise is the one your employees will like the most. Therefore, unless your plan is to surprise them, ask your team what activities they have enjoyed in the past. Use this to help you to determine which ones they would most look forward to in the future. Then, plan accordingly. Incorporating your team in the planning process helps you find the best activities for everyone and builds anticipation and excitement for the event.

A Group Jog Is Not Only a Good Exercise. It’s Also Fun. (Image Source: Unsplash)

Idea #2: 5-minute Team Building Activities

In today’s fast-paced, competitive world, you don’t always have a lot of time for corporate team-building activities. In addition, you may have people on your team who love their work and who are focused intently on deadlines. They may not want to take time away from work tasks. Therefore, time-hungry activities may actually hurt their morale. But coworkers need to develop relationships so they can communicate well and stay on track. A team that communicates well and looks out for each other is happier and more productive. Finding fun and easy things you can do in just five minutes will help you help your team create a better rapport.

Fun Conversations and Activities With Teammates Can Boost Morale (Image Source: Pexels)

Idea #3: Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Take your workgroup outside for some invigorating fresh air and exercise. This will help your team grow closer together and build excitement about your common goals.

Idea #4: Capture the Flag

Scavenger hunts can take significant planning in order to run smoothly. Keep in mind, you may be limited on time and resources to plan your outdoor team-building event. If so, then games like capture the flag are good ways to get a lot of people working together in groups. But it has the advantage of not needing more than a big open space to play.

Capture The Flag — Pivot

Idea #5: Outdoor Yoga

On a sunny fall or spring day, outdoor yoga is a great way to combine fitness and team building in a way that will boost everyone’s mood and lower their sensitivity to negative emotions. Most people don’t get enough exercise, and yoga is one of the most recommended exercises to reduce anxiety. Studies show that when people move in the same way at the same time, it creates an effect called muscular bonding. This effect brings people closer together and encourages trust and communication. Doing yoga in a nearby park will provide even more benefits to your team. This is because there are positive health impacts associated with spending time in parks and natural areas.

Outdoor Yoga — Praveen Yoga Academy

A Note About Weather

Incorporating fitness into team-building activities can be especially effective in the fall and winter because the outdoor temperatures naturally encourage movement. The cooler weather makes fall an ideal time to encourage your people to work up a sweat and have fun.



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