Feeling Stressed? Try These Tips for Reducing Cortisol Levels

Are You Feeling Stressed? (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Shorter Class Periods

Shortening the length of workout classes is one of the best ways to control cortisol. For example, if you’re lifting weights, your body will start to automatically release cortisol after about 45–60 minutes. Keeping your workouts under the 45-minute mark will help you get great results without over-stressing your bod. This is good news, since who has time to spend hours at the gym anyway?

Ana Snyder running upstairs (Instagram: @littlebuffblondie)

Stretching Gyms

Recovery will be a main focus of fitness this year. We often forget about the benefits of muscle recovery in training, but it’s just as important as exercise! If you don’t take the time to massage and foam roll, you’re opening yourself up to injury and hurting your gains! Regenerative practices help us move through our whole range of motion during exercise, which is crucial to get the best results from training and to stay active year after year.

Ana Snyder Stretching (Instagram: @littlebuffblondie)
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Meditation Studios

Mental workouts have become just as important as physical workouts. There’s been a huge rise in people practicing meditation in order to manifest their desires, increase happiness, and tune into their feelings. Meditation is becoming increasingly popular because it also helps you manage your stress levels outside of the gym. Say goodbye to cortisol!

Ana Snyder preparing to meditate (Instagram: @littlebuffblondie)
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The Best Way to Reduce Cortisol Levels

Healthy cortisol levels are often a balance in eustress vs. distress. The biggest takeaway for fitness is that less is sometimes more. Focus on quality over quantity, recover your body and brain in between exercises, and keep your workouts short and efficient.



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