Essential Oils for Sleep: Uses & Benefits

Essential Oils for Sleep (Image Source: Shutterstock)

1. Lavender Oil

Lavender essential oil is classic for restful sleep. It has a variety of benefits depending on how and when you use it. It has a pleasing aroma, relaxes the mind and body, and induces physiological effects including but not limited to:

  • Lowering your heart rate
  • Soothing your respiratory system
  • Maintaining a healthy temperature and blood pressure

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is a classic essential oil for a variety of therapeutic purposes. Many people use it to help clear the sinuses or enjoy an energy boost. That said, peppermint oil may also help with better sleep.

Chamomile Oil

Chamomile oil is just as calming and pleasing when used for aromatherapy as when chamomile plants are used to brew tea. Like chamomile tea, chamomile essential oil can help you calm down and relax enough that a good night’s sleep may be easier than normal.

Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is a costly but very high-quality essential oil. It’s often used for men’s fragrances and products such as cologne or deodorant. Thus, it could be a good choice if you prefer masculine fragrances for your essential oil aromatherapy.

Cedarwood Oil

Then there’s cedarwood oil, which carries a woody fragrance similar to sandalwood essential oil. On the plus side, cedarwood oil is more affordable (though it is a little less effective according to many essential oil fans). Still, cedarwood oil can be great for easing stress and relaxing the mind, especially at the end of a long day.

Bergamot Oil

Bergamot essential oil is a well-rounded essential oil with lots of physical benefits. It’s well-known as a major anti-inflammatory and antibacterial oil. Furthermore, bergamot oil is known to reduce blood pressure and heart rate. These physiological effects could calm your body down and make sleep more achievable. This is similar to lavender oil’s effect when inhaled through aromatherapy.

Vetiver Oil

Vetiver oil has a unique fragrance: a deep and earthy smell that reminds many people of gardens and outdoor activities. Vetiver oil is a bit of an acquired scent — some may find it to be a great choice for helping them get to sleep, while others may prefer the other fragrances listed in this guide.

Clary Sage Oil

Clary sage oil is a popular choice for individuals who struggle with anxiety, depression, or other mental roadblocks to sleep. This is notably different from standard sage; clary sage essential oil can help relax the mind and soothe troubled thoughts.

Valerian Oil

Valerian oil is one of the most deeply calming effects of all essential oils. There’s a reason it’s included in lots of nighttime or sleep aid teas, after all!

Jasmine Oil

You can’t forget Jasmine oil. Jasmine essential oil is a staple essential oil for aromatherapy, and it comes from the same plants that Jasmine teas are made from. Jasmine essential oil can help if you find yourself tossing and turning before or during sleep. In this way, it’s a great essential oil for improving sleep quality, even if there are other essential oils better for helping you get to sleep in the first place.

Ylang Ylang Oil

Last but not least is ylang ylang oil. While not quite as potent for inducing sleep as some of the other options on this list, this Asian essential oil still provides many essential benefits. It comes from certain tropical trees located in Asia and can lower blood pressure, lower your heart rate, and relax the mind all at the same time.


No matter what essential oils you choose, be sure to only use them for aromatherapy when they are diffused in a carrier oil or lots of water. Most aromatherapy diffusers and kits have everything you need to get started easily. Each essential oil bottle should also tell you how many drops are ideal for sleep assistance or other therapeutic benefits.



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