Earn Your Green Thumb With These Plant Care Tips

Adding a Few Small Green Friends Can Greatly Enhance Your Space (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The Benefits of Plants: Indoors and Out

Living quarters feeling a little gloomy lately? There’s an easy fix: Plants help to beautify your home, both inside and out. You don’t need to go crazy, either — you can brighten up just about any room with one or two small potted plants. Keep them by the window in your kitchen, on your mantle or end tables, in your bathroom, or next to your bed. Unlike freshly cut flowers, they won’t die within days. In fact, if you take good care of your houseplants, you can enjoy them for years to come.

The Health Benefits of Houseplants │Wall Street Journal

Low-Maintenance Houseplants You’ll Love

If you’re just beginning to build a green home, it’s good to start with low-maintenance plants. These varieties are also excellent choices if you’re gone for weeks at a time or tend to forget to water your plants. When you visit your local nursery or garden, ask the sales associate to point you in the direction of these indoor plants:

Plants Help to Beautify Your Home (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Outdoor Plant Care Tips

Now it’s time to move outdoors! As a brand-new gardener, one of your best resources is (again!) your local nursery and its staff. Be sure to ask for recommendations for the best gardening tools, like gloves, trowels, and watering cans. As you choose plants, ask how much sunlight, shade, and water each one needs to thrive. If you’re not home often enough to water your plants regularly (or are afraid you’ll forget!), ask if the nursery stocks self-watering planters. Be sure to add soil and/or fertilizer to your shopping cart if you think you’ll need it.

Gardening Can Be One of The Most Rewarding Hobbies To Do (Image Source: Shutterstock)



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