Black History Month: How to Support the Black Community

How to Support the Black Community (Image Source: Shutterstock)

What Is Black History Month?

In the United States, February is a time to honor Black history through Black History Month. Communities come together to celebrate the achievements of Black people and their history in workplaces, schools, and the media. Nowadays, other countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Ireland also recognize BHM. Black History Month helps honor Black people who’ve made incredible contributions throughout US history — from the first people brought over from Africa and enslaved in America to Black people living in the United States today.

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Black Lives Matter: Promoting Racial Equality

We can’t talk about Black History Month without talking about the Black Lives Matter movement. BLM started in response to the continued police brutality against African-Americans. It also sheds light on the perceived societal indifference to victims of police violence. It’s why movements like Black Lives Matter have gained so much traction.

Black Lives Matter Matter (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Black History Month Activities: How Can You Support the Black Community?

For Black families who continue to face structural racism, every day is Black History Month. This year, make a point of celebrating Black History Month. Here are several ways to support the Black community now and all year long.

Support Black-Owned Businesses

Forty-one percent of Black-owned businesses closed down between February and April 2020. In contrast, the number of white business owners fell by seventeen percent. Buying from Black-owned companies is a great way of celebrating and honoring those who’ve fought and continue to fight for our rights.

Buying From Black-Owned Business Is a Worth Celebrating (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Contribute to Black Nonprofits

There are so many organizations and charities that support anti-racism and equality, and all of these organizations rely on donors to continue championing justice for the Black community. They include movements like Black Lives Matter, NAACP, Black Youth Project, Reclaim the Block, and Act Blue. Consider contributing to one of these charities. Your contribution, no matter how small, will go a long way.

It’s a Space to Honor The Incredible Contributions of the Black Community. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Recognize Black Artists

This Black History Month, make a point of recognizing Black artists and buying their work — from music and art to iconic Black history movies. Google’s Black History and Culture page explores the history, art, and culture of Black people in the United States. While you’re at it, add Black authors to your weekly or monthly reading lists. Recognizing Black artists will go a long way in supporting the Black community. It’s also a good way of understanding their fight for equality.

Have More Conversations About Difficult Topics

So many people are scared to share opinions on controversial issues like racism. You can learn how to address these difficult conversations. Start by having a conversation about people or events that most people know a little about. This can open up a dialogue and encourage curiosity. The conversations you have during Black history month around race and equality will last well beyond the month.

Take Your Time and Listen to The Black Community. (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Black History Month: It’s Never Too Late

Black History Month should be a time of reflection. It’s a space to honor the incredible contributions of the Black community throughout history, from political leaders to artists and inventors. Think about what you can do to make the world safer and how your actions impact your community. Support your local Black-owned businesses and educate yourself about Black history. While February is a time to celebrate Black History Month and honor Black history and pride, you can support the Black community throughout the whole year. Do your part to make the world a little safer for Black communities everywhere.



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