Are HIIT Classes and Workouts Keeping You From Losing Weight?

HIIT Training Does Allow You to Burn More Calories (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Is HIIT Best for Fat Loss?

HIIT involves performing short, high intensity bouts of exercise followed by even shorter rest periods for repeat rounds. Workouts can be as short as four minutes, yet the intensity level can be greater than if you were doing an hour-long steady state cardio workout.

Why HIIT For Fat Loss? │ Athlean-XX for Women

The Importance of Weight Training

You know that pumping iron is the best route to increased muscle mass. What you may not be aware of is that weight training for fat loss is also a thing. While it’s true that you do burn calories while you’re training with weights, the real benefit comes from the lean muscle tissue that weight training, in combination with muscle building nutrition, can add to your frame.

Pumping Iron is The Best Route to Increased Muscle Mass (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Body Transforming Nutrition

It doesn’t matter how much HIIT you do or how well constructed your weight training workouts are unless you are on top of your nutrition. When it comes to losing weight, you need to maintain a daily negative caloric balance. That means that at the end of the day, you have burned off more calories than you have taken in. While burning calories through HIIT and doing weight training to add more muscle to your body will increase your metabolism to a degree, that combined effect will be minor compared to the effect of cutting back on your food intake.

HIIT Training To Add Muscle to Your Body (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Overcoming a Weight Loss Plateau

Regardless of how structured your weight loss workouts and nutrition are, there will be times when you will hit a weight loss plateau. In order to force your body to keep responding, you need to shock it into action. This can be achieved by stepping up your HIIT workouts. If you were previously doing HIIT workouts once or twice per week, ramp it up to four or even five sessions per week for a three-week period. It will be hard work, but your body will have no choice but to respond by dropping excess pounds.

How to Overcome the Weight Loss Plateau │The Doctors

The Perfect Balance

If you were to only do HIIT training, then you would be denying yourself a valuable weight loss tool in the form of resistance training. By combining HIIT with resistance training, though, you will be getting the best of both worlds. Your HIIT workouts will ramp up your metabolism for twenty-four hours after your workout. On top of that, your weight training sessions, along with muscle building nutrition, will allow you to add muscle tissue, which will increase your basal metabolic rate to burn more calories.


The best workout for weight loss combines HIIT and resistance training. You should plan to alternate HIIT classes and workouts and weight training workouts throughout the week. Perform your weight training sessions three times per week, either on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Add in two or three HIIT sessions on your weight training off days.

Combine HIIT classes with a reduced calorie nutrition plan (Image Source: Shutterstock)



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