1AND1 is a black-owned mental health and wellness company. Through our expert-driven content, technology, and services, we help our consumers become 1% better each day. The brand name "1AND1" stands for the fact that you're only given 1 Mind, and 1 Body in this life. We're here to help you maximize both, and not just feel better, but become better.

Our content and solutions were born due to the lack of representation that our co-founders noticed as black men in the BIPOC community, and other underserved/overlooked communities, such as men's mental health. While we are BIPOC focused, we welcome all to use our platform and find a home within our community.

OUR MEDIA: Our original articles and product reviews are written by our in-house Expert Team and cover every men’s and women’s wellness vertical: The 7 Dimensions of Wellness (Emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social, financial, physical and environmental), athleisure & activewear, vitamins & supplements, nutrition & recipes, fitness equipment & wearables, beauty & meditation and more.

Our Mental Health podcast, Off The Cuff with Danny LoPriore, can be found on YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify and SoundCloud. The show currently has over 200+ 5-star reviews on Apple Podcasts.

Our weekly email newsletter is your cheat-code to becoming 1% better each day. Our expert team curates the best mental, physical, spiritual and financial wellness tips and consolidates them into an easy to read, value packed newsletter that can be read in 10 minutes or less each week. Sign up is, and always will be free.

OUR TECHNOLOGY: The 1AND1 App, a machine learning powered solution to help users become happy, wealthy, and fit through our 1% better goal setting framework will be live in the app store soon. Stay tuned.

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We’re a BIPOC-owned mental health and wellness company. We create expert-driven content specifically designed to help you become 1% better each day.