7 of the Best Virtual Training Platforms to Transform Your At-Home Workout

Training Platforms to Transform Your At-Home Workout (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Next Level Fitness App Technology and Body-Weight Training

You don’t need a gym to get in a great workout. Body-weight exercises are a simple and effective way to increase strength, flexibility, and balance without a gym or any equipment. The biggest inconvenience of exercising while always on the move is that you’ll never know if you’ll be near a gym, what equipment you’ll have access to, and sometimes lack guidance from professionals.

Body-Weight Exercises Are an Effective Way To Increase Strength (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Living a Nomadic Lifestyle and Staying Fit

If you live a nomadic lifestyle, chances are you’re moving around a lot from place to place. Anyone who has been traveling, even for a short period of time, knows how it can throw off your fitness when you don’t have a regular routine in place.

Virtual Training Platforms to Make You Sweat From Anywhere in the World

ClassPass Live: Virtual Fitness Classes

The ClassPass membership connects fitness fanatics with over 10,000 studios worldwide. The fitness subscription service has expanded and now offers ClassPass Live, a platform for streaming boutique-style fitness classes. The platform brings you live studio workouts straight from their New York location. If you can’t make it to the live classes, the subscription gives you unlimited access for streaming on-demand workouts.

30-Minute At-Home Full Body HIIT Cardio Workout Class — ClassPass

Mission 360: Fusion Fitness Streaming

The fusion fitness streaming service aims to bring the best studio classes and coaching to its members. Besides offering on-demand workout classes, Mission 360 also works to connect you to a community and really change people’s lives. You can find different types of yoga, stretching, HIIT and much more. As well as workout plans, you can experience one-on-one coaching sessions in wellness, nutrition, and health.

Tonal: Virtual Strength Training

Although not ideal for everyone on the move, Tonal is perfect for strength training and can be installed into a space of just 7×7. The intelligent strength training system packs an entire gym into just one piece of equipment. The machine is mounted onto a wall and allows you to lift virtually any weight up to 200 lbs. It also tracks reps, sets, power, and will personalize your workout from day one.

At Home With Tonal / Coach Liz’s “Easy on the Joints” — Tonal

Peloton Digital: VirtualCardio Training

Peloton Digital now allows you to sprint, spin or strength train under the guidance of Peloton’s instructors without forking out the cha-ching needed to invest in your very own Peloton bike or treadmill. Browse through pre-recorded classes or join in remotely to one of Peloton’s live studio classes so there’s never an excuse to sweat solo.

Alo Moves: Virtual Yoga Training Classes

Alo Yoga is known for making some incredible yoga gear that you’ve no doubt seen filling up your Instagram feed. The yoga brand has expanded into the app space and features classes from sought-after instructors including Aubry Marie and Talia Sutra. Alongside its regular asana practices, the app features dance cardio and core-strengthening workouts when you want to mix it up.

FitOn: Workout App

The FitOn app offers workouts that can be done anywhere, anytime, led by world-class trainers and with no equipment. What sets this app apart is its social element. Workouts last for about 20 to 30 minutes, and you can invite and talk with your friends through audio-phone chats.

Body Love: Training Hero App

Anna Victoria’s Body Love app is a no-judgment training hero. Each workout is around 30–40 minutes long and combines circuit training with HIIT exercises for a quick sweat session to fit into any busy schedule. The app also features macro-balanced recipes to help you out in the kitchen.

Try One of These Virtual Training Platforms Today

As you can see, there are plenty of fitness apps to choose from. So, go ahead and pick one to get started!



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