5 Ways To Power Through A Tough Workout

Train With a Friend or a Colleague (Image Source: Pixabay)

1: Please Don’t Stop The Music

Ever feel like your workouts are completely enhanced with the presence of some good tunes? You aren’t alone. Researchers at the University of British Columbia found that individuals who opted for motivational/upbeat music reported better enjoyment of HIIT exercise and also exhibited elevated heart rates/peak power compared to their no-audio counterparts. Not only did the music allow the participants of the study to enjoy these grueling workouts more; it also allowed them to workout harder during their sessions. This is a perfect excuse for you to turn that new Beyoncé all the way up.

2: Pick A Mantra

A wise man once said that the level of success that an individual experiences throughout their life is directly correlated to the amount of uncomfortable conversations he or she is willing to have. I’ll add to that and say our ability to come out on top of difficult workouts is determined by the conversations that choose to have with ourselves.

Think Of A Mantra As a Positive Pep Talk To Yourself (Image Source: Shutterstock)

3: Add Some Mindfulness Training To Your Routine

Meditation is a game-changer. It reduces stress, helps to control anxiety, is linked to an enhanced sense of wellbeing, and also helps you to become much more self-aware. It also helps us to manage the emotions that can be caused by overwhelming circumstances that may surround us.

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4: Focus On Mini-Goals

You might feel overwhelmed the next time you face a huge task. Instead of feeling defeated before you have even lifted a finger, focus on mini-goals. Let’s take a marathon, for example. Looking 23.1 miles in the face can be scary! Instead, breaking this bigger task into smaller and more manageable feats provides you with a formula to push through the toughest of situations. Take the marathon mile by mile and eventually, you’ll get it done.

5: Recruit A Friend

Sometimes a tough workout calls for reinforcements. Recruiting a partner not only makes a workout more tolerable, but can also make the atmosphere more competitive. This may be just the push you need to in order to dig deeper and bring out your best self. Looking for the perfect training session to crush with your bestie? Try a partner workout.

It’s Time to Power Your Next Workout

Try these tips the next time you go to the gym. You’ll be crushing your workouts in no time at all!



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