3 Ways to Experience Instant Happiness

Practicing gratitude can be a valuable tool for boosting happiness (Image Source: Shutterstock)

How to Be Happy: 3 Steps to Instant Happiness

1. Practice Gratitude

Practicing gratitude can be a valuable tool for boosting happiness. Something you can do is reflect on your life and on what has been going well. For example, write down the people you’re thankful for. Or you could think about a time of resilience in your life and how you overcame a difficult situation. Gratitude is spontaneous, and it all comes down to counting your blessings.

Focusing On Little Blessings Is Essential Step In The Pursuit Of Happiness (Image Source: Shutterstock)

2. Try Positive Self-Affirmations

Often, though we do a hundred things right and only one thing wrong, for some reason, we tend to focus on that single mistake. It’s human nature to focus on our flaws or mistakes in life. Implementing positive self-affirmations and being kind to yourself can improve your mood.

Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness | Tal Ben-Shahar — Museum of Science, Boston

3. Be Kind to Others

Have you ever thought that being kind to another person can improve your life for the better? World Smile Day aims to spread cheer and happiness through kind acts. Research shows that humans experience a sense of satisfaction when helping others. The good thing about kindness is that it has a domino effect.

Act Of Kindness Stimulates The Production Of The Hormone Oxytocin (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Why Does Happiness Matter?

Does happiness matter? To some people, there are far more important things to worry about than being happy all the time. To others, happiness is crucial and something every human being should experience. Happiness affects how you feel, but it’s more than just a mood.

Choosing To Be Happy Doesn’t Mean That You’re Ignoring Negative Emotions (Image Source: Shutterstock)

The Pursuit of Happiness: Kindness and Positive Self-Talk

The bottom line is that experiencing true happiness is a journey. It’s about making the most of both the good and bad times. It’s not something that will happen instantly. After all, we’re emotional beings who experience a wide range of feelings. Training your mind to make the most of every situation is the first step to achieving happiness; implementing the above action steps may boost your overall well-being.



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