3 Travel Strategies to Stay on Your Weight Loss Journey

Travel Strategies to Stay on Your Weight Loss Journey (Image Source: Shutterstock)

Pack Healthy Travel Snacks When You Fly

It’s easy to be tempted by the quick bag of chips or a candy bar as you hop on the plane. But the altitude changes already mess with your gut. So make sure you stay fueled so you aren’t tempted by the “bad” stuff. Do this, and you will help your body not feel so fatigued.

Bring Food With You When You Travel To Avoid Eating Unhealthy Snacks (Image Source: Pexels)

Check To See If Your Hotel Has A Gym Before Booking

This travel strategy is simply about convenience. You are most likely not going to find a local gym and pay for a day pass. So why not use one that you’ve already paid for during your stay? You don’t need much; even if it’s just a few weights and a treadmill, your options are endless. It’s just a matter of you putting on those workout clothes you brought and getting down to it. Having a hotel gym gets rid of the excuses.

Check If Your Hotel Has a Gym Before Booking (Image Source: Pexels

Use The 90/10 Rule When You Eat Out

Half the fun of traveling is eating out and enjoying the vibrant culinary culture of a new place. It is important to indulge in local foods and delicacies. But there’s always a level of self-control that comes into play.

Remember 90–10 Rule When Eating — ClarkCountyNV

Reduce Stress With the Right Travel Strategies

Traveling can be stressful, but preparation is key. All it takes are a few Google searches, and planning ahead.



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